Professional Services

Damax Marketing provides consultation and advisory services of real estate investment, in major cities of Pakistan. We provide construction services as well, for commercial or residential A+ category construction. We have a diversified team of consultants, from various parts of Pakistan, that can assist you with the following service.

Why Choose Us?

Investments for Profit

  • We help our clients with real estate trends in Pakistan, for short and long term investment decisions
  • Our trusted advisers will help you make a decision about when to buy or sell your property, to have an optimum level of profits

Property Trends

  • We offer a personalized turn-key solution to help our clients buy, construct and manage a property
  • Please reach out to our Sales Head to get a person

Investment for Home

  • We have a wide range of property portfolio that’s ready to be handed over for construction
  • Our advisers help you find the right place to build your home, according to your budget and preference

Services for Overseas Pakistanis

  • Investment guidance on legal or illegal societies
  • Special advisory team to help you invest, for short term and long term, in risk-free and secure projects
  • Take care of all documentation and legal aspects of property investment
  • Help you buy, construct and manage property, while you are away